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Post Info TOPIC: How to program the TLR with Prog16z

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How to program the TLR with Prog16z

I plagiarized almost all of this from the ZX-12 topic, but the programming section is different as that procedure wasn't working for me. If you are having trouble, you might want to try these:

Here are the step by step instructions to use the PROG16Z software to program the ECU. A few things before we start.

The file conversion utilites only allow the old DOS 8.3 file names (8 char filename, 3 char ext) While it would be nice to name your maps "No-rpm-map-with-speed-mod.s19" I would not recommend it. Also when you upload maps from the ECU prog16z will put the file in the last use directory. It does not allow you to specify the directory. Of course it is assumed you have already installed prog16z software and connected the Cable 16/32 BDM adapter according to manufacturers instructions.

Make sure your using the right voltage, connected properly and that the cable is installed correctly.

Upload map-
How to read a map off the ECU (Always make sure you upload and save a copy of the original stock map before modifiying the ECU.)

  1. Connect BDM to PC
  2. Connect BDM to ECU
  3. Start Prog16z
  4. Apply Power to ECU (see power supply how to)
  5. Select Connect on prog16z
  6. Specify programming algorithm (module) 9r3_32c1.16P
  7. Enter base address 10000
  8. Select UM upload module
  9. Enter .s19 file name ECU_c1.s19
  10. Select CM choose module
  11. Specify programming algorithm (module) 9r3_32k1.16P
  12. Enter base address 10000
  13. Select UM upload module
  14. Enter .s19 file name ECU_k1.s19
  15. Select QU Quit
  16. Remove Power from ECU

Can't find your uploaded files? Check the status window log to find the path they were saved to.

ECU_c1 is a control file that defines the flash page. It is erased when the map is erased so we need to keep a copy of it. You should never modify this file.

ECU_k1 is the actual map data.

Convert .s19 Motorola file to .bin Binary file
This will create a bin file that can be viewed and edited by Enginuity Software

  1. Windows Start->Run->cmd [enter] to open command window
  2. Change directory to were prog16z save your uploaded files.
  3. Enter mot2bin.exe ECU_k1.s19 mymap.bin

Now you have a map file, mymap.bin, that can be edited using Enginuity. Be sure to save the modified files using a different filename such as mymap001.bin

Convert .bin Binary file to .s19 Motorola file
In order to download your new map into the ECU it must first be converted back into .s19 format.

  1. Window Start -> Run -> cmd [enter] to open command window.
  2. Change directory to location of file to convert.
  3. Enter bin2mot /I65536 /O65536 /2 /H /T mymap01.bin mymap01.s19

Note: That is the letter I in /I65536 and the letter O in /O65536

Program ECU map-
(Edited: this is the only way mine would flash. -FFA)
Before the map can be reprogrammed the flash area must first be Erased and the flash control block programmed. Then the map can be programmed.

  1. Connect BDM to PC
  2. Connect ECU to BDM
  3. Start Prog16z
  4. Apply power to ECU
  5. Select Connect
  6. Select programming algorithm (module) 9r3_32c1.16P
  7. Enter base address 10000
  8. Select EM erase module (mine says failed, but still erased anyway.)
  9. Select SS select object file ECU_c1.s19
  10. Select PM program module
  11. Select VM Verify module
  12. Select CM choose module 9r3_32k1.16P
  13. Enter base address 10000
  14. Select BM Blank Check Module (to make sure step 8 worked.)
  15. Select SS select object MYMAP01.S19
  16. Select PM Program module (mine says failed @ $14000, but programmed anyway.)
  17. Select VM verify module (make sure it verifies correctly!)
  18. Select QU quit
  19. Remove Power from ECU
Be sure to monitor the status window when erasing and verifying to make sure the operations were successful.

In step 9 the file is the original control file, not your new map file.

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I just tried the above method on a 32920-24FD0 and a 32920-24F21 Hayabusa ECU with good results. I have also had intermittent results with the old method.

The only thing I would add is a BM Blank Check Module between steps 13 and 14 to verify that step 8 actually erased the 9r3_32k1 space as well as the 9r3_32c1 space.

Good work.


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-- Edited by ffaspector on Saturday 17th of October 2009 11:14:00 AM



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Interesting. I don't remember off the top of my head, it may be in an old post, but did we confirm that the TLR ECU uses the same CPU as the others or did we just see the BDM port and go forward from there?

Also if you use the 9r1_16k module and upload from the ECU does it create an s19 file with a 16k address range or a 32k address range? I was under the impression that the 32k in 9r3_32k indicated the size of the flash bank.

Maybe I was wrong or maybe the TLR CPU is different and has 16k banks and not 32k.

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