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I just found this site by accident by running across RidgeRacer's eBay for-sale link.  I had no idea anyone was working on reflashing these ECU's!

I am a software engineer by day and an EFI tuner the rest of the time.  I have been doing serious EFI tuning since ~'02, and I have tons of experience with many standalone engine management solutions (Autronic, FAST, AEM EMS, etc. the list goes on).  I've got ~over a 1000 hours of chassis dyno tuning experience with on a dyno dynamics load-bearing dyno.  I also partner with an excellent local automotive performance shop, and this give me unlimited access to the dyno during off hours.

I have just recently become a bike enthusiast myself, and I own a 2005 GXSR 600.  A family member owns a 2005 busa (he actually emailed me the e-bay link).  So I am fairly new to bikes, but certainly not new to engines.

Based on what I see so far on this site, I'm interested in trying this stuff out and contributing if there is something I can offer.  I am not a EE/hardware guy, but I am definitely a competent tuner and software programmer.  I have only tuned a handful of lightly modified bikes, but I've done 1000rwhp+ mustangs, 600+fwhp hondas, and most everything inbetween.  The luxury of a load bearing dyno affords the ability to map different load conditions of an engine in a steady-state environment, and I'd be happy to take advantage of this using what you guys have worked so hard to make freely available.

RidgeRacer, have any of the GSXR guys stepped up and sourced you an ECU yet?  I would definitely be interested in being a tester for what you guys have now on my GSXR platform (if this is a possibility).  I saw a link to some of the .jpg images you have posted of the stock maps on the gixxer forums and I was quite frankly surprised at some of the values in there...



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Welcome to the board. Some of us share alike history with you. When the cars become too slow then the interst is in bikes. Its very easy to hit 10s quarter mile times with almost any decent bike, but with car it takes a some time and effort to come under 12s.  E.g. my personal background is in sport Nissans 200sx, 300zx - we hacked the ecus of some of those just to be able to tweak the car with turbos to 400-500hp range and low 12s quarter mile times.  Beyond that those 2-3L engines were not anymore really reliable.

Now with Busas we are making well over 200rwhp with some easy modifications, with turbos many are riding 500hp Busas. The most hp I know that has been dynoed from Busa 1.3L engine is 636hp. Makes me to think about the hp/weight ratio of that compared to any car...

Anyway you are in a good company on this board...

ps. I am not an EE either, but that did not prevent me to hack the newer busa ecu with some encouragement and advice from RR. Those are fairly easy to hack when you know what to look for and as a tuner you know what to look.

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