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where do I start?

Hey guys, great site. I have been lurking for the last week or so and want to start learning about my bike and do some tinkering :)

My main question is that I want to start learning about correct AFR, timing advance, etc and didn't know if there was a book or material to read into to learn more about this stuff. I am a senior in electrical engineering so I don't think I'll have too much problem with the assembly language editing for my 02GSXR600, but I don't know a ton about the mechanical side of the bike. I have rebuilt a lawnmower 2-cylinder engine and have done a lot of mechanical work on cars but nothing to the extent that we're talking about here. I know that some of you guys have done a LOT of tuning and I would love to pick your brains to where I can start learning.

Any help or direction you guys can give would be wonderful. I don't want to jump into something I don't know anything about. I want to take things slow and do it the right way the first time. I don't care if I have to read material for 6 months to get properly caught up, and then after that point I don't feel comfortable modifying an ECU, then fine. I just want to learn.


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I have played around with TLR's and Busa's but never with the ECU just a Power Cammander. At the moment I am hoping to start playing around with the ECU on the Bandit 1250's.

As far as I know there isn't a perfect AFR number. It's more of a range that your engine is happy to work in.

Anything from 12:1 to 14:1. The Bandit seems to run very lean, maybe for emission reasons, maybe for economy.....I think someone had a dyno run showing 15+:1 for the Bandit.
These numbers change though, so what might work at 5000rpm may not be the best number for 10,000rpm. This is where Dyno's come in handy.
It's always safer to err on the rich side (12:1) as there is less chance of melting things. Then decrease the fuel and see which way the power goes. Of course what works on the dyno may not be the best for the road/track.
Timing is normally set with the least amount of advance as possible. What you don't want is to keep winding the advance on then one day get a tank of bad gas and have the engine pre-igniting because of the crap fuel. Not sure how much power there is to be gained on modern sports bikes by playing with timing..... There are some posts on here about taking timing out when running turbo's and NOS. Pretty much a suck it and see scenario....
The Bandit ignition maps remove a lot of timing in the higher rpms, not sure if this is too protect the engine or is partly due to it's 100hp limit....hoping to find out when I get the EU maps back for from Gadget.

Sorry I can't recommend any books, I usually just hunt down stuff on the internet. Pretty much how I found this great site. The blown Busa I was working on was a pig to start, big injectors and high fuel pressure just flood the engine and a Power Commander just cannot help. Now if I could just get back to NJ to reprogram that ecu.....
If you find a forum for your make of bike you will get lots of help with what works and what doesn't with your particular model.


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well, it occurred to me that I should be searching amazon for this kind of stuff and I found these two books that look decent:

I would've used the GSXR website, but those guys didn't seem to know too much when I asked...oh well.

FYI - I do know that on my 02GSXR600, the timing advance change is pretty significant from 5th to 1st. you can definitely tell the bike runs much stronger.

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