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Heuristic Dynamic Tuning

Look, I've been trying to figure this processor out for the longest time. I've met many roadblocks, many opened locks. Though it's a simple formula is 'fuel-spark-compression' to see who is not making the engine run, but this Mag theory can be applied in more ways than one.

I don't know if it will work for you, but magnetism is the heart of the processor. The flow of electricity has 3 basic components. I apply those 3 that cannot be separated when you speak E. So to breakdown E like you break down why the bike did not start,  Mag can see the inner workings of the processor.

If I list the effects of Mag, this might explain the handcuffing of the dynamic move of heuristic. I'm going to come out the gate and say I am totally wrong about this so I can walk as I talk the steps and try to make it make sense to me. I use Mag so I do not become lost in theory so much. 

When I describe Mag to myself, I think AC movement. So for ever action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

When I apply Mag to heuristic, I think it means I am going to measure action and also measure reaction and find the middle balanced fuel for it next time around is average out the many inputs and their variables is the measured milliamp hit this time around. So for every fire off and rate of expansion, I can take formula and use ChemRe as my AFR, my Heat for measuring. If you know the 3 locked or handcuffed moves of Magnetism, it can travel in two directions. It moves molecules and that makes Heat. There is a chemical reaction happening in the air is that white crap on the neg battery posts. That kind of chemical reaction cause and effect. That kind of Heat that separates + from - in the processing of the ChemRe in the battery liquid.  So as I apply Mag-Heat-ChemRe, I have my fundamental basics of fuel-spark-compression as how the engine runs, and now how the processor runs I apply Mag/H/CmRe.

Basically what I think the abstract reads is that I'm going to use the Penultimate number for both engine and FI. You need compression for the engine, and you need a number for the math. So those are two separate events happening in that chamber. First, P for the penultimate number and P mean PRESSURE is how for every action, P is going to deteriorate or become lower in compression as the engine wears. So P is the constant every time the intake valve closes, I can see my vacuum meter slam the needle steady @ 14.7 every time, needle bounce or not.

To make me understand the heur move, I am going to take X as my P and H as my Y. ChemRe is the reaction of Heat to P. So every time the kinetic wears out, heur can follow that lower compression and 'limit' the fuel trim by this average of action/reaction.

yawn Yes I know, but if you do not grasp the concept, you can't come up wit the jokes to slam the dumbass modders going up against a computer bike, let alone a relay bike. The deal with the heur or relay bike I'll be calling it, uses a learn mode after the bike is turned off. The relay goes hot with key on, I have no clue to know but buy the bike and mule it. But relay wise, say the key hots the coil wires and the trip arm is hot, the key is off, but the ECU is now the trigger point keeping that coil hot. And now say 10min of file wiping and re-RAM-ing, this is what was collected every 10 minutes of running is flush the RAM at that DTTime and the file wipe, go to sleep after 10min and DTT shuts it down or flipflops the current to the coil in the relay off.

So imagine if you will, an old hand thrown paper typewriter. I will use 60 as the base or ROM number saved in RAM and is on the roll. So the throttle position sensor is factory set to 60. I'm going to trick the ECU thinking the throttle plate is open this much. So I press the button in and free-roll the cartridge. This makes it say 62 the [Discharge] number so the linear move up the scale goes rich. The relay bike takes X as in rpm and TPS as a non-matching number against the base 60 is now the Y factor, every time you type in some map cell number, move the roll, the heuristic timer comes along and hand slams that roll with a refreshed 60 [Threshold] at the handle (Trigger). Mag moving at the speed of light is E, you never got the run at a 62 kind of millisecond hack of the TPS cranking open is a mute move with heuristic.

That's how it's like trying to tune a relay bike is not going to happen. However, one of you smarties knows if I pull the 02,  heur defaults to a non-relay bike as in it defaults to the same a-N 'method' as a computer bike does. So the breakdown goes something like this:

HEURelay = Cannot tune a relay bike without pulling 02's off, and run the default method is now use any AFR setting.

HEURelay = Cannot turn off the dynamic read no matter the 02's being pulled out of the loop, Heur will keep the for every action/reaction 555 timers running so this too is a mute point is it's a method bike either way. That's for the smarter one than me to say yes or no, then walk it out if it needs to talk.

I'm sure am not about to buy the bike to find out. But to raz the cycling public one post at a time, I'm not the dumb mother****er not knowing the difference or the jokes won't work LOLLOLOL

How many times did I tell you not to **** wit ha computer bike? Think I'm going to run my 'learn bike' @ 12mins idling for 62nothings? Me own a ****ing relay bike? **** that ****!


NOLTT (no one listens to the Truth Tables)






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